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When one teaches another, two people learn.

Shun also teaches workshops and masterclasses on wide range of physical abilities from flexibility, strength and conditioning. Shun is a qualified yoga teacher (200RYT) and his unique style of teaching bridges the gaps between different areas of health and fitness; from yoga, dance and movement training. Shun believes in the multi disciplinary approach to compliment each practices in terms of physical abilities and creativity. Shun teaches classes in Japanese and English.
Example of a Class

Bakasana Preperation Demonstration of achieving Bakasana from basic body weight training and gradually reducing the fear of inversion.

Analysis and Construction

Yoga often encourages people to achieve poses without aid of other form of exercise and fitness. Shun believes that by employing other forms of exercise and props, one can practice safer, more constructive and easier to monitor ability and progress.

SHAPESHIFT is a health and fitness scheme created by Shun. combining the unique knowledge of yoga, circus and fitness, SHAPESHIFT aids to improve strength, mobility and flexibility in movement training, yoga inspired dynamic and static stretching and core stabilising exercises.

Yoga or Contortion?

A question that I get asked A LOT.

People often say “I am not flexible. So I can’t do yoga.”

That is like “I can’t go to a gym, because I am not in the shape I want to be.” Or “I can’t jog, because I never excelled in athletics.”

I’d like to point out that yoga is a totally different practice to contortion. Yoga is a self enquiry and a practice. An exercise for you, by you, about you.

If I was to teach contortion or dance, I would of course encourage you to “make a show.” But when I teach yoga and other exercise, I would like to take time, encourage the students to be conscious of the process and the experience of the practice itself.

What you see on the instagram is just a record of this journey. Body changes through age but you adapt your practice to your body.

This is a principle that I would like to communicate in the beggining of every class.

I am a contortionist. I am a yogi.

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