It takes two to tangle.

Project Details

2017 France


Our piece Tangle explores the interconnectivity of individuals and our responsibility for each other and for our surroundings. As the world becomes more connected, we are faced with more responsibility for each other and consciousness to adapt. We used Japanese traditional game of Ayatori to metaphorically represent such interconnectivity to compliment our signature contact dance. Tangle aims to raise a question of what it means to stay as individual midst such interconnnectivity, and what conscious and subconscious decisions we make to such situations. As English proverb says “It takes two to tango.” It takes two to tangle, as we become more involved in each other’s time and space.

Kinetic Art is a dance troupe from Japan founded in 2011. Started as a collective of unique breakdancers with strength in flexibilities and creativity beyond conventional movements, Kinetic Art has developed a style often described as somewhere in between breakdance, contortion and partnering dance. Since it’s inception, Kinetic Art has worked in and out of the hip hop scene, in circus, theatres and experimental dance. Notable experiences include Arte TV awards at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, working for Cirque du Soleil’s One Night For One Drop, and Opening for FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.

Nao is a 2012 We.B-Girlz World Champion, and 2017 Juste Debout Experimental Style World Champion. Nao has worked with notable choreographers in contemporary dance such as Damian Jalet’s Vessel and Saief Remmide’s Nakama.
Shun has worked internationally in circus and dance, in many special events as a dancer/character in Cirque du Soleil, a semi-finalist at Got To Dance UK, Australia’s cabaret of the year Limbo, Sydney Opera House’s Blanc de Blanc. Shun is also a qualified yoga teacher.

Tangle is originally a 45 minute piece but there are also 15 minutes version. Kinetic Art is searching for theatres, residencies and collaborators to perform Tangle as a full piece.

All choreography is a joint creation by Nao Tozawa and Shun Sugimoto. Original musical composition by Jonas Dufrêne. Music is available for live performance.

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